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The following is a list of the members of each of our Retail Support Programs. All the stores are located in Newfoundland and Labrador unless otherwise specified.


Below is a list of the valued members of our Value Grocer Program, just designed in 2009 to meet the increasing demands of our customers needs.


Andrews Supermarket, Pt. Leamington

Barry’s Value Grocer, Placentia 

Holloway’s General Store, Bloomfield

Miller’s Supermarket (West), Fogo

Temples, Long Cove



Below is a list of the many valued members of our Foodex Program. Some of these have been members of this program since the program started in 1992, and we’re still signing up customers on a regular basis.


A & J Foodex, Terrenceville

A A Decker, Roddickton

Abby’s Convenience, Trepassey

B & B Takeout & Grocery Foodex, Fleur de Lys

Back Country Gas Bar & Conv, Hawkes Bay

Green’s Store Inc. Foodex, Englee 

Brown’s Foodex, Burin Bay 

Burden’s Superette Ltd., Small Point

Butland’s Foodex, O’Donnells

 B & W Powell Ltd., Charlottetown 

Cabots Cash and Carry, St. Modeste

Clark’s Foodex, Victoria

Connies Foodex, Bellevue 

Dive Ventures Foodex, Trinity

Drover’s Foodex, North Harbour

E.J. Cramm Foodex, Green’s Harbour

Endicott’s / Gros Morne Cabins Foodex, Rocky Harbour

Epicerie Chez Nellies Foodex, Old Fort Bay, QC

Easy 2 Save Foodex / G.D. Byrne Plus, Bell Island

Forteau Food Chopper Foodex, Forteau

Garnish Stop & Save Foodex, Garnish

Garry’s Foodex Plus, Norman’s Cove

Gibbons Atlantic Convenience, St. Mary’s

H. Norman & Son Ltd, Pacquet

Harbour Mille Foodex, Harbour Mille

Hare Bay Stores Foodex, Main Brook

Hare Bay Variety Inc., Hare Bay

Hull’s Grocerteria Foodex, Daniel’s Harbour

J & C Variety Store Foodex, Port Hope Simpson

J & D Convenience Ltd., Hr. Breton

J.L. Joncas Inc Foodex, Lourdes DeBaln Sablo, QC

James Randel & Son Ltd. Foodex, Bide Arm

JML Enterprise Ltd. Foodex, Brent’s Cove

Judy’s Country Décor & Foodex, Hawkes Bay

John N’s Grocery, Conne River

Labrador Retail Outlet Foodex, Charlottetown

Midway Convenience Foodex, Centerville

Midtown Convenience Foodex, Lanse Ou Loup

Midtown Variety Foodex, Newtown

Mona’s Place, Lodge Bay

Murphy’s Foodex, Parkers Cove

Nothern Trail Gas Bar, Hawkes Bay

Petipas Foodex, Whitbourne

Parson’s Foodex, Southern Harbour

Port Rexton Foodex, Port Rexton

Red Bay Food Chopper Foodex, Red Bay

Regular’s Store Foodex, Mings Bight

Rice’s Grocery Ltd., La Scie

S.B.C. Enterprises Inc. Foodex, Middle Arm

Selby Noseworthy & Son, Green Island Brook

Shaves Foodex, Dunville

Simm’s Cash & Carry, Mary’s Harbour

Shoreline Convenience Inc. Foodex, Port Saunders

Spracklin’s Enterprises Ltd. Foodex, Charlottetown

St. Lewis Enterprises Foodex, St. Lewis

St. Paul’s General Store Foodex, St. Paul’s, QC

Steady’s Gas Bar & Convenience Foodex, River of Ponds

Sunnyside Foodex, Sunnyside

Vince Green Foodex, Hant’s Harbour

Wanda’s Convenience Foodex, Port Blandford

Yarn’s Foodex, Mose Ambrose


Below is a list our valued members of our Atlantic Convenience Program. Some of these have been members of this program since the program started in 1999, and we’re gaining new members regularly.


A & B Convenience, Island Harbour

Acreman’s Store, Mary’s Harbour

Barry’s Oil and Gas, Paul’s River

Brownsdale Grocery, Brownsdale

Burkes Convenience, Mt. Arlington

Cashin’s Cheastnut Tree Café, Gambo

Careen’s Gas Bar, Point Lance

Collett’s Fish & Meat &Grocery, Portland Creek

Coish’s Variety, Stag Harbour

Dobbin’s Grocery , St. Mary’s

Fennell’s Grocery, Plate Cove

Harbourview Quickmart, Middle Arm

House’s Convenience, Bay Largent

Karen’s Convenience, Gooseberry Cove

I see whales Dis & Dat Café & Gift Shop, New Perlican

Island Mini Mart, Greens Pond

J & C Building Supply, Fogo

Last Chance Convenience, Fogo

Linda’s Gas Bar, Hodge’s Cove,

Lighthouse Cottages, St. Anthony

Longpoint Convenience & Gas Bar, St. Vincents

Major’s Variety, Parson’s Pond

Mr. Leo’s Restaurant, Lawn

Nine to Nine, Little Catalina

Noble Brothers, Burlington

Oceanview Convenience, Bay de Verde

Ollie’s Convenience, Round Cove, Capahyden

Rosie’s H&M Enterprises, East Port

RSK Grocery, L’anse Au Claire

Richard’s Store, Harry’s Harbour

Rumbolt’s General Store, Mary’s Harbour

Seaside Market, Grand Bank

T&C Convenience, Clarenville

Vanessa’s Take Out &Grocery, Seldom

Well’s Grocery, Hare Bay

William Keats & Sons, St. Paul’s River, QC

Below is a list of the many valued members of our Foodstop Program. Some of these have been members of this program since the program started in 1993, and we’re continually signing up new members.  

A Little Bit of Everything, Grates Cove

Bayview Convenience, Fortune

Barnes Convenience Plus, Cannings Cove

B & B Convenience Mart, Creston South

Bay View Mini Mart, South Brook

Brooklyn Convenience, Brooklyn

Brenda’s Cash & Carry, St. Lewis

Butler’s Store, Shearstown

Burk’s Convenience, Mt. Arlington

Bowen’s Fish Market, St. Mary’s

Cabot’s Cash & Carry, St. Modeste

C & J Rumbolt Ltd., Norris Point

C & M Foodstop, Frenchman’s Cove

Carroll’s Convenience, Margaree

Clara’s Mini Mart, St. John’s

Connies Convenience, Aspen Cove

Country Convenience, Norris Arm

Critchley’s Enterprises, Gambo

D & E Variety, Change Islands

D & J Convenience, Lawn

D & K Variety Inc., Seal Cove, White Bay

Darlene’s Grocerteria, Rose Blanche

Dimmer’s Foodstop, Fox Cove

Double M Convenience, Western Bay

Dunphy’s Variety, St. Anthony

Earle’s Video & Convenience, Rocky Harbour

Eddy’s Gas Bar¸ Little Catelina

Fox Harbour Convenience & Take Out, Fox Harbour

Ford’s 1986, Boyd’s Cove

Gillinghams Enterprise, Clarkes Head

Ginn’s Cash & Carry, Stoneville

H & J Mesh , Keels

Hackett’s Convenience, English Harbour East

Harbour End Variety Ltd., St. Anthony

Harbourview Convenience, Boat Harbour

HAS Grocery, Forteau

Hickey’s Convenience, Grand Le Pierre

Highway Convenience, Isle aux Morts

Indian Bay, Indian Bay

J.A. Nick’s Grocery, Branch

J.R. Convenience, Lewisport

Katie’s Konvenience, Benoits Cove

Kearney’s Variety, Croque

King’s Point Grocery Hardware, King’s Point

L & B Convenience, Clarenville

Lillian Molloy’s, St. Shotts

MacIsaac & Sons, St. Andrews

Main Drag Convenience & Gas Bar, Valleyfield

Manuel’s Restaurant, Grand Bank

Monty’s Place, Whitbourne

Moore Variety Ltd., Codroy

Mountain View Grocery, Shearstown

Mr. B’s Variety, Peterview

Murphy’s Cash & Carry, Long Harbour

Notely’s Store, Port Hope Simpson

Nobles Convenience & Gas Bar, Middle Arm

P & D Hardware Ltd., Trepassey

Paynes Shopping Center, Parson’s Pond

PIC Enterprises, St. Joseph’s Cove

Philpott’s Store, Coachman’s Cove

Pilgrim’s Variety, Main Brook

P&M Variety Co. Ltd., L’anse Au Claire

Port Anson General Store, Port Anson

Pritchett’s Grocery, Gambo

Red Cliff Convenience, Rushoon

R & B Convenience, Salmonier

 R.C.D. Convenience, Northern Bay

R & D Variety, Trinity Bay

Ridgeway Variety, Bell Island

Second Cove Convenience, Portugal Cove South

Starkes, Cape Freels

Steve’s Service Center, Glovertown

Strongs, Harcourt

The Cellar, Baie Verte

The Shop, Cavendish

Val’s Grocery, Tilton

Uncle Bill’s, St. Paul’s River, QC

Walter Manning & Sons, St. Brides

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